Sgt. Chris Ferguson

Sgt. Chris Ferguson with his service dog

Trieven Kennels is proud to have provided, Chris Ferguson, former Marine, with a furrever friend. Chris served as an infantryman for 10 years in the United States Marine Corps which included three tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Chris served with the Second Battalion 4th Marines, 5th Marine regiment, 1st Marine Division AKA “The Magnificent Bastards” during his time of service.

Chris served in Ar Ramadi, Iraq in 2004 during the first “Battle of Ramadi” where 12 marines were killed in one day. During that deployment 33 Marines and a Navy Corpsman lost their lives and many more were wounded.

He continued his service with other deployments to include a second deployment in Iraq in 2006-2007 during the surge and conducted combat operations in the Haditha Triad area doing sweep and clear operations across multiple towns and villages. Chris then deployed to the south pacific on two separate Marine Expeditionary Units (MEU’s) to various countries to include Africa, Australia, Japan, and the Philippines. On one of those MEU’s, Chris was the Protective Service Detail (PSD) element’s platoon commander that was responsible for the security of high ranking officials and U.S diplomats abroad.

The MEU conducted combat operations in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2012 Chris deployed to Afghanistan with Second Battalion 4th Marines and was positioned in the northern Helmand region in Musa Qala. He was honorably discharged June of 2013, having received many recognitions. One of which recognized him for having devoted the longest serving, Non-Commissioned Officer to serve 10 years in a single unit.

Chris dedicates his time now in helping veterans decompress and overcome the struggles they have. He enjoys hunting and fishing and living as peaceful of a life as one can. Chris reached out to Trieven Kennels to provide him a service dog to assist him in his hunting and everyday activities. Chris has been paired with Hunter, a natural born hunter from our Trieven bloodlines. Hunter, is a black lab who surely earned his name.

Hunter has helped keep Chris’s prospects high and assists him to maintain calm through his day to day activities. Hunter also prospers spending time hunting with Chris, a hobby the both of them share in common. “Hunter has helped me regain one of my favorite activities, hunting; which has inspired me and given me great purpose! To always keep pushing forward and helping other veterans to the best of my ability”.

Trieven Kennels would like to personally Thank you, Chris, for your service and wish you the best of hunting with Hunter!

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