Service Dogs

Brandon Tennery is an Army Sergeant, son, and brother.

In 2008, Brandon was assigned to Colorado Springs with the 2/77th Field Artillery Battalion 4th Infantry Division 4th Brigade Combat team. He was promoted to Sergeant in December of 2010. He was later transferred to 3rd Brigade 1st Armored Division 4th Battalion 1st Field Artillery Regiment.

In 2012, four years after joining the army, Brandon’s unit started taking small arms fire from all directions. Brandon was thrown and slightly burned from two RPG blasts and a 107 rocket.

Following this event, Brandon suffered from a severe Traumatic Brain Injury, slight loss of vision and hearing, broken ribs, balance problems, close to twenty internal injuries and a seizure disorder. 

Brandon, with his seizure disorder, has been the perfect, well-deserved candidate for a Service dog. He, with the help from Beyond The Battlefield, came to Trieven Sungold Kennels and was paired with Jack.

Jack is a lab male who is helping Brandon do his normal, day to day activities again. Providing friendship, comfort, and care while protecting him when a seizures occur.

Incredibly, after purchasing his service dog from Trieven Sungold Kennels, he started competing in adaptive sports and even won some medals and ribbons! He then started playing baseball again at the beginning of 2013 for the Army Purple Heart Baseball team.

Trieven Kennels Thanks you for your service, Brandon, and best of luck to you and Jack! 

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