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Service Dogs

Brandon Tennery is an Army Sergeant, son, and brother.

In 2008, Brandon was assigned to Colorado Springs with the 2/77th Field Artillery Battalion 4th Infantry Division 4th Brigade Combat team. He was promoted to Sergeant in December of 2010. He was later transferred to 3rd Brigade 1st Armored Division 4th Battalion 1st Field Artillery Regiment.

In 2012, four years after joining the army, Brandon’s unit started taking small arms fire from all directions. Brandon was thrown and slightly burned from two RPG blasts and a 107 rocket.

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Sgt. Chris Ferguson

Sgt. Chris Ferguson with his service dog

Trieven Kennels is proud to have provided, Chris Ferguson, former Marine, with a furrever friend. Chris served as an infantryman for 10 years in the United States Marine Corps which included three tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Chris served with the Second Battalion 4th Marines, 5th Marine regiment, 1st Marine Division AKA “The Magnificent Bastards” during his time of service.

Chris served in Ar Ramadi, Iraq in 2004 during the first “Battle of Ramadi” where 12 marines were killed in one day. During that deployment 33 Marines and a Navy Corpsman lost their lives and many more were wounded.

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Breeding Trieven Sungold Kennels Future Champions

At Trieven Sungold Kennels our dogs have been exposed to birds and hunting from our first Labrador. This allows us to choose only the best for our breeding program. We have a 40 year history of breeding Field Champions that are also great working gun dogs. A number of our Field Champions are also pointing Labs. No other breeder has our history of breeding quality field Labradors that show consistent pointing ability.

Many Labradors are bred strictly as non-slip retrievers. They are not bred, nor selected for their ability to get out in front of the hunter and find the birds.

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Trieven Pointing Labradors

Pointing Lab

The Labrador that points when hunting upland birds has been around many years and includes some of the top field trial dogs that were lucky enough to ever enjoy an upland hunt. This is not a “may be” kind of thing: it is a fact. The Labrador retriever is far more than just a non-slip retriever.

Trieven Sungold Kennels is a breeder of quality field Labradors that strives for a consistent natural point. A number of our Field Champions Labradors pointed naturally. That characteristic certainly doesn’t detract from their field trial ability.

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