Trieven Labrador Retrievers




At Trieven Kennel, our pups are born and raised on our 2,500-acre Game Bird Ranch in Wyoming. We are able to hunt on the Ranch from August through March. Our Labs are continually exposed to birds and hunting, which gives us a chance to pick only the best for our upland and waterfowl breeding program. Our dogs have won many trophies, ribbons, and titles in AKC Field Trials and Hunt Tests.   We are the only kennel in the nation which has been breeding Labradors for over 40 years, which has bred Field Champions, Amt.Field Champions,  National Champions and outstanding hunting retrievers, including Labradors that point naturally when hunted on upland birds.  You simply won’t find another breeder of quality field Labradors that  show consistent natural point with this history, anywhere, period.  Go to the SOURCE !

We are proud to show you the pedigree and history on our pups.  Most go back at least 6-14 generations to our outstanding Trieven Labradors.  From the past comes the future!  The “games”, field trialing and Hunt Tests are challenging, and fun, but the proof for one desiring a great gun dog is in the actual hunting.  How can they hold the “GRAND MASTER HUNT TEST”  during bird hunting season????  What serious hunter is willing to take  a week or more  away from real hunting to go compete in any kind of trial?  We qualified our field trial dogs for many a National (held in November), which we didn’t attend…. Because we were hunting!  Our dogs are hunted, and always have been, from the first Labrador we had.  All of our Field Champions were also great working gun dogs, and a number of them pointed naturally.  That characteristic certainly didn’t detract from their field trial ability!  The proof is in their records.    The Labrador that points when hunting upland birds has been around many years, and includes some of the top field trial dogs that were lucky enough to ever enjoy an upland hunt.

This is not a “may be” kind of thing;  it is a fact.  The Labrador retriever is far more than just a non slip retriever.  More and more hunters are turning to Labradors for their all around hunting and family companion.  A Lab that happens to point meets the bill for a great many hunters.  They are easy to train, have great personalities, and a great with families and children.  Not a lot of Pointing Breeds can claim those characteristics.  How many English or Shorthair Pointers, or any of the “versatile” gun dog breeds does one see as guide dogs for the blind, or as bomb dogs, or arson dogs, or search and rescue dogs?  The Labrador is truly the all around breed.   To say that the Lab isn’t a pointing breed is one thing, to say that a great many don’t point naturally when given the chance to hunt upland birds is another, and simply not true;  they do and will point birds!

If you want a Labrador retriever for dual hunting purposes, upland and waterfowl, and want the dog to actually HUNT for birds for you, be sure you get a pup from a line known for their hunting instinct, quartering ability, and natural point and flushing characteristics, along with their natural, inborn retrieving ability, and love of water.  Remember that many Labradors and lines are bred strictly for non slip retrievers, as per the LRC guidelines.   They are NOT bred, nor selected for their ability to get out in front of the hunter and find the birds.  Some dogs bred along those lines, strictly non slip retrieving, do not want to get out in front and hunt.  Like many british bred dogs, they are bred to sit by one’s side, watch birds fall and then retrieve them.  And many of them want to stay at heel.  Many will hunt a bit, then quit.  Water work is at a minimum nowadays, even in U.S. field trials.  With this lack of water work required, and the warmer climate zones for trials and National competition, we are seeing some dogs with fine coats, with little undercoat.  Those type dogs may love the water, but absolutely must be hunted on waterfowl wearing protective rubber “coats”, as they lack good coats and undercoats of their own.   Our dogs pick up ducks and geese in sub zero weather, in frigid, ice filled waters, with no hesitation.  That is what we breed for;  a truly all around working gun dog that can pick up your ducks, sit in a duck blind, and then go pheasant or chukar hunting the next day, and do you proud.

We are concentrating on what the breed was developed for in this country: tireless, eager upland hunters and cold water retrievers. We don’t want a dog that is worn out after an hour in the field. Our Labs are hunted all season long on both upland birds and waterfowl. They have been proven in competition and now excel as working gundogs and family companions. Our dogs are winners in the hunting field, where it really counts!  The fact that most of our Labradors also point naturally on upland birds is the icing on the cake!  We don’t expect, or allow them to run far out, as do pointing breeds.  They are not a pointing breed.  They hunt hard,  take on the tough cover, stick with it, and range a bit farther at times, as they will hold a point for us to get near and get ready.  Then watch out, because here comes the bird!  As should be in all true Labradors, the retrieve is in their genes.  They will find where the birds are, point and/or flush, and retrieve the strongest cripple.  Many kennels and breeders who are breeding for Labradors that point naturally have and are using Trieven bloodlines.

Check the pedigrees, nearly ALL go back to Trieven blood. Tiger Mountain’s program includes quite a bit of TWIST blood. If you go to their website, the dogs LUKE and WHITEFOOT are direct offspring of Twist, and a strong influence in their bloodline. Black Forest, another excellent kennel, has GMPR GUMBO OF BLACK FOREST and GMPR CAJUN OF BLACK FOREST, both bred by Trieven Kennels. TWIST & SHOUT was a strong influence in many pointing Lab programs, as are AFC TRIEVEN CLASSICAL JAZZ MH (sire of FC/AFC JAZZTIME) and FC/AFC TRIEVEN THUNDERHEAD.

FC/AFC/CFC Trieven Thunderhead, our foundation sire, had 37 Derby Points, won two Qualifying stakes by 20 months, placed in two Amateur All Age stakes, and Jammed an Open by 23 months.  He sired many natural pointing Labradors, some of the best we have ever seen.   Our 1st natural pointing Labrador was Double Header winner FC-AFC Trieven Classic, born in 1971,  bringing us into our 40th year with Labs that point.   She was also a great duck dog, and dam of AFC Trieven Classical Jazz, MH,  who was the sire of FC-AFC Jazztime, and grandsire of AFC Trieven Twist and Shout, MH.  Twist’s dam is a full sister to Hall of Fame Retriever, FC-AFC-CNFC Jalvay’s Sweet Sharmain.   Breeding will tell.   For the future, look into the past !    Labrador retrievers  1st, with the “point” the icing on the cake.


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