Trieven Keepsake

keeper_200hKeeper, is a good looking male with a dark gold color, weighing about 74 lbs. He has the best of temperments. If you don’t believe a dog has a sense of humor, spend an hour with Keeper! Better yet, spend an hour hunting behind him. He is the strongest, most natural pointing Lab we have had born here since Trajan. He started pointing from day one, and hasn’t let up a bit.

He holds birds, and flushes on command. He is such a solid pointer, it usually takes two or three “Get ’em up” commands for him to flush. Occasionally I have walked up and flushed, a la “pointer” style. There are several photos I took where I walked around and shot the picture from the front; Keeper never moved a muscle, he was glued to the birds! He hunts a medium range, keeps track of the hunters, and is a superior retriever. He made a retrieve on a wounded pheasant Sunday that would have fooled many Field Trial retrievers. He ended up finding the bird, after a strong hunt, buried in a badger hole! Couldn’t even see its tail feathers, but Keeper dug him out.

keeper_point_202x160Keeper is a good marker, has an excellent memory, and is really fun to hunt behind, train, and live with. He is truly a special dog. He is also a very strong cold water dog. He went swimming last Sunday across our ditch, in sub-freezing weather, just to cool off (it was about 24 degrees outside). He has a very thick, correct Labrador coat, with a good undercoat. This keeps him warm in the coldest weather when duck and goose hunting. Knowing that in recent years many Labradors have unintentionally been bred for a thin coat, with no undercoat, we believe maintaining this “waterproof” natural jacket is imperative. Keeper truly has it all, desire, nose, point, and excellent disposition. He has an excellent pedigree, being sired by Skoal, out of an FC/AFC sired female.

Trieven Keepsake (OFA Good)

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