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DOB 7-21-17
Sire- Trieven The Quarterback
Dam- Trieven Trues Cinder

Rex. is a very sweet hearted boy that is going to make a fantastic companion and hunting partner. He has a great personality that will allow him to be great around kids and the family. And house. He loves to please and retrieve.


DOB 7-21-17
Sire- Trieven The Quarterback
Dam- Trieven Trues Cinder

Rider is a great little pup that is going the make an awesome hunting dog with the right finish. He has a lot of drive and he loves to retrieve. He is extremely smart and loves to please as well. He has been started on searching for birds in the cover, retrieving, and some obedience. He streams from our copenhagen bloodlines.


10 month old black female
Sire. Trieven yes it’s true
Dam. Trieven Navaho rug

Hope is an immensely powerful field lab who has zero quit. She has a super high drive and strong desire to hunt and please. Started on obedience and collar conditioning. Retrieving and gun training. Loads crates and rides. Hope will made an incredible all day hunting pup.



Dusty is a 10 month old black male that is ready to hunt. He has great drive but also has a very sweet personality which would be great around the family and kids. He retrieves well and has been hunted on waterfowl and upland birds. He is collar conditioned. Gun trained and whistle started. He loads and crates well. Most obedience training etc.



Woody is a 1 year old absolute powerhouse of a dog and will make an amazing waterfowl and upland dog. He has a huge amount of drive and hunt desire. He retrieves great and loves to please. He loves the thick heavy cover and is scared of nothing. He is hunt ready and looking for the family willing to work his tail off. He is gun trained. Whistle and collar trained. Loads and crates and much more.



Jed is a 6 month old yellow male with a huge heart. He loves to please and will make a great family dog and great around the kids. He has a great nose and loves to retrieve. He has been started on collar and whistle and loves to work in the field.



Hank is a 1 year old dark yellow male that loves to please. He has an awesome personality and will make a great family dog. He has been started on collar training. Gun training. Obedience. Retrieving. Whistle training etc. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sire. Trieven Black Chrome
Dam. Trieven McKenzie.

Daisy is a 5 month old yellow lab female that’s available. She is going to make a great loving family dog and a good hunting companion. She has a great soft happy personality. Been started on retrieving and gun fire. She is a great granddaughter of Trieven Twist and Shout. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1 year old female
Sire- Trieven Yes its True
Dam- Trieven Keepin The Faith
Rose is a smaller black female with an intense amount of hunt drive and pray drive. She has been started on collar training, hunt training, retrieving, force fetching, basic obedience, crate training, and loading. She has all the right start to be a great hunting companion. Please give wes a call for more information.




1 year old black female pup.
Sire – Trieven Yes its True
Dam – Trieven Keepin The Faith
Rue is a hard charging female with great potential. She has been started on collar training retrieving. Gun trained. And hunting training. She has the right tools and start to be a fantastic hunting and family companion. Please call for more information.



Sire. Jeter rocks Bronx
Dam. Payton’s money wind
Jack is a very softhearted mild temperament yellow male that will make somebody an incredible family dog and house companion. Basic obedience start very well and very well mannered. He has a moderate hunt drive but the perfect personality for a family companion. Loads. Rides and crates well. Also a very quiet dog. Whistle training start and collar training start.

Jack 1 Jack



DOB 5-12-16

Rex is a highly energetic and very athletic black lab male. He has had the 2016 fall hunting season under his belt. He is gun trained and been started on the collar. Retrieves extremely well and has an amazing nose. He has a ton of hunt drive in the field. Started on obedience as well. He loads and crates great.




Black lab male

Sire- Trieven Yes It’s True

Dam- Trieven Alexandra

DOB- 2-22-16

Lenny is a very well mannered and very intelligent black male. He is almost hunt ready. He has been gun trained, collar started, loads-crates-rides very well. Jumps in the dog trailer. Retrieves extremely well and has a fantastic nose. Lenny hunts very methodically right in front of you at roughly 30 yards and never outruns his nose. He ranges and quarters very well with minimal control. He hunts very well with other dogs. He is a super sweet guy with not a mean or aggressive bone in his body. He is a great grandson of Trieven Twist and Shout, thus having some great potential for a good natural point. Please call or email for more information.





DOB: 4-21-11
Sire-Trieven yes it’s true
Dam- Trieven classical lass

Caddie is a beautiful black lab male with a ton of drive. He has not quit in the field and loves to please. He has a great nose on him and is looking for his forever home. He has basic obedience. Been worked on live birds and an e collar. He just needs a good family that is pretty active and will exercise him frequently. Needs to be finish in the field with experience. “





3 year old sired by the Famous Trieven Keepsake. Tommy carries many of the great qualities of Keeper from his looks to his drive. Tommy has an enormous amount of drive and energy. He is going to make a great hunting companion for the right family. He needs a fair amount of hunt work but is fair on obedience. Call or email for more information.




Sire- Trieven Skoals Bandit

Dam- Trieven Keepin The Faith

DOB- 11-20-14

Reign is a hard charging high hunt drive male with an incredible nose. He has a good season on him of hunting and loves to please. He is gun trained, retrieves very well, steady to the shot, heel and sit off leash, collar conditioned, and crate trained. Call or email for more information.

IMG_0696 IMG_0695 IMG_0697 IMG_0698


“Beartooths Coot of Trieven Founding

Birthdate 5-5-14
Coot is an excellent hunting companion out of The great Trieven Keepsake. He has lots of training and is hunt ready. He is crate and house trained. Great around people and kids. He has quite a lot of go in the field and will hunt all day long. He retrieves blinds and doubles really well and loves the water. Coot has had several birds shot under him and has quite a bit of experience. He has all the basic obedience just needs brushed up a bit and he needs to be force fetched. All in all Coot is field hunt ready for someone to take and finish him out. Please contact us for more information.”





“Birthdate – 12-15-14
Sire – Trieven Keepsake
Dam – Trieven Tornado
Teller is a very athletic black lab male that will hunt all day. He has quite a bit of training and has been worked on gun training, retrieving, collar training, basic obedience, and is ready to hunt and be finished. He has a powerful nose and a ton of drive to hunt. He has a very playful energetic personality and will make a wonderful family companion as well. Feel free to call for more information. “

Black Lab



Ranger is a soft hearted beautiful black lab male that loves to please. His Sire is Trieven Keepsake and his Dam is Stormy. Ranger has a wonderful happy personality that will make someone a great family dog as well as hunting partner. Ranger has been started on basic obedience, retrieving, gun training, whistle training, and antler retrieving and hunting. Birthdate 9-26-14″





 “Rascal is a 9-14-15 yellow lab male out of Bandit and Rally. Rascal is a grandson to our late TRIEVEN COPENHAGEN and shows a lot of those magnificent “SKOAL” qualities. Rascal has a wonderful playful personality and shows a lot of drive when it comes to retrieving and working birds. “Rascal has also been started on live birds retrieving and flushing, as well as gun training, basic obedience, antler retrieving and hunting.




“Cargo is going to be an all around great hunting dog as well as family companion. He is 4 years old and has been started with the right tools for just about anyone to finish. Cargo loves to please and is a quieter minded lab. He is the type of lab that will not run you to death in the field. He works a bit closer to the hunter and never gets out of range. He has a great personality and is looking for a good home.”




Black Lab Male | Date of Birth: 03/31/2014 | Sire- True x Dam-Rally

BLM_Rugby2Rugby is an energetic young lab with huge potential to be an excellent family member and hunter. He has a mature personality about him even while he is young. He has been exposed to basic commands for obedience as well as basic hunting commands. (Example: Sit, Heel, Here, Kennel, Bird/Go-On (to start him hunting), Okay (to release him from Sit or Heel commands.)) Rugby has a huge drive to please and he loves retrieving from both land and water. He has been introduced to guns and shows no ounce of being guy-shy at all. He is ready to move forward and bond with a family and hunter to finish him out. Rugby has been hunted over and he naturally surpasses the hunters expectations. He is ready for his permanent hunting companion.



Black Lab Male | Date of Birth: 08/31/2014 | Sire- True x Dam-KATIE

Kelso is a middle sized Black Lab Male whose silly personality shines and absolutely fits his name. He is a very gentle, loving boy with a beautiful set of chocolate eyes. He is not just a pretty dog though, this boy is an extreme hunter. He has the strongest natural drive and is hugely birdy with a non stop want to hunt ’em up. He has been trained to commands: sit, heel, here, no, kennel, bird, and others. He has been collar trained as well as whistle trained. Kelso has a huge natural instinct, and that, coupled with the training he has received, will make him an irreplaceable partner both in the field and in your family. He superceeds any expectations one could have and he will give you all he can when you take him and go hunt. From upland birds all the way to ducks or geese, this guy can handle it all. He has been hunted over and is in no way gun shy to solo shooters or 8 people shooting all at the same time. He has been hunted alone as well as with other dogs and he excels in either style. He is a perfect fit for anyone looking for the ultimate hunting partner and family member!