Lab puppies available Now!!

Bloodlines include, Trieven Trajan, Trieven Copenhagen, Trieven Twist and Shout and more.

Puppies available.

Will be great pointing labs and hunting companions. Out of our great Copenhagen, Spark, and Trajan bloodlines will provide a fantastic field dog. Blacks and yellows available for spring/summer 2020!

Litter Due In August

Trieven Black Chrome

Trieven Ramblin Racer

This is a repeat breeding we have had a couple times and is proven high quality hunting. These pups will have a little bigger size around the 70 pound range and make incredible waterfowl dogs. Higher power then some and tons of hard hunting ability.


Litter Born in April

Trieven The Quarterback

Trieven Sparks Ember

Yellow males available. This is a repeat proven breeding that we have had several times. These pups are extremely easy to train and carry tons of natural hunting ability. Typically able to hunt these pups at 4-5 months old. Should be around 60-65 pounds and pack tons of potential.


Litter Born in March

Trieven Black Chrome
Trieven Super Sprint
This will be an action packed all black litter with tons of field power. These pups will have no issues hunting the heavy cover or hauling back that greater Canadian goose.


Upcoming Litter Due End of July

Trieven the quarterback
Trieven Trues Cinder
This will be a fantastic family and hunting combo litter. They should have fairly high point instinct with tons of natural ability. Easy to train and extremely smart. This is a repeat breeding and proven.


Upcoming Litter Due End of July

Trieven the quarterback
Le Blanc’s Harley JH
This will be a high end business type litter. Mom has her Junior Hunt Title and is a field machine. Dad is a field powerhouse but a couch potato at home. This litter will make for great pups for folks that hunt often but love a pet as well.


Golden Puppies Sold OUT until fall 2020. Call Now to get on the list. Four-Six litters planned for second half of 2020.

Limited Registration:

All Trieven – Sungold dogs are sold with limited registration.

Limited Registration means that the dog is registered into the AKC, but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

We currently have a number of fantastic pups available!

All Deposits are $300.00

Now Accepting Credit Cards – There will be a 5% card fee added to purchase price.

Please CONTACT us about our 2020-2021 litter plans!

Check back soon for updated photos and litter information!