Friends & Family

“I already have a Golden from a Mazy and Timber litter, and she is about to turn a year old.  She is the smartest dog I have ever had, and she is always ready to hunt!  I have friends wanting information about your awesome Goldens.” – Brian M. (Arizona)  

“Just a note to say I was delighted to find a photo of me and Sage in your photo gallery. She and Eli have been our delight. In addition to our local season, we have made trips to Horseshoe Bend for the past three years. Sungold dogs get the job done and are great companions and friends. Keep up the good work of providing terrific working dogs!”

“During November of ’98 I ordered a male golden pup from you. I asked you to pick a pup that would be about 70 pounds, aggressive, not gun-shy, intelligent, and a great retriever. You picked a pup we named Chip. The dog is exactly what I asked for. He is great–a fine hunter–has a flying water entry and is very intelligent. This is the third dog we have purchased from you. All were very good and this one is exceptional. Thanks for doing us a very nice job!”

“It has been five years since we received “Buddy” from Sungold. I though you might be interested in what kind of dog he turned out to be. To put it simply, what a dog! If I were a better trainer, there wouldn’t be much he couldn’t do. Retrieving came naturally as breathing for him. On pheasants he works hard, not afraid to get in the thick tulle ditches, and quarters naturally. He has a good nose and is truly a pleasure to hunt with. It’s hard to express how happy we have been with this dog… incredibly intelligent, loyal and gentle, plus a great hunter!”

“Thought you might like an update on how my “MAX” is doing. He was from the LADY litter. His first year hunting was a big one. In all MAX hunted upland birds about 40 days this year and waterfowl about 8 days. He hunts very enthusiastically and aggressively, yet remains in control. He quarters very well, to say that he is “birdy” would be a major understatement! In his first year he hunted like most dogs do in their prime! He has been very easy to train… Compliments to you on running a fine kennel & EXCELLENT breeding program.”

“Hi, we received a golden from you about the middle of February. We are delighted with him. We have raised Goldens since ‘63, three have come from your kennel. This dog appears to be the cheeriest, smartest, and most natural retriever and hunter we have had. He is a delight to be around.”

“Hope all is well in WY…just a quick note to keep you posted on “Takoda”. Last season at the ripe age of six months he retrieved the first of over 40 ducks, 2 geese, and about 15 pheasants. He is exactly what I was looking for in a true hunting golden! He is by far the quickest study I have ever trained. He has tremendous drive, a lightning fast start and drives right to the mark. He trailed cripples like a seasoned retriever. His nose has brought many a compliment!”

“Hi! Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy we are with our new pup from the Jesse x Woody cross. Rarely have I seen a retriever, let alone a puppy, with so much retrieving drive. Trainers frequently tell you to stop playing fetch before the pup gets tired, but I don’t think this pup is capable of those emotions. Her water instincts are incredible!”

“ I wanted to let you know how the golden we got from you is doing. He is a hard runner and an excellent marker. His water entry is spectacular. I entered four Derbies and he finished three, with a 3rd, a 4th and a reserve JAM. He broke in the only non-finish. I truly feel he has the potential to be a FC!”

“The golden I got from you is five. He is a great hunting dog. I have never had a dog that was so powerful and fast to hunt. When we start a new command, he is just as excited to learn as I am to teach him! P.S. He is the Pheasant Hunters Unlimited Champion for 97!”

“Just a note to let you know how the pup you shipped last summer is doing. She adjusted very well, and has become an important member of our family. She is great with the kids, and even the cat! Last season I took her pheasant hunting for the first time at 8 months. She performed as well as and better than most of the older dogs! It didn’t take her long to figure out what she was looking for and she made several good retrieves. She loves the water too, and I am looking forward to her first duck hunt. Thanks for a great pup!”

“…I’ve got to tell you though that this dog Buck I got from you has turned into quite the bird dog. He’s been retrieving well since seven months of age for dove, duck, goose, quail and pheasant. I have had him on pheasants three times in the last three weekends alone, including two doubles, all over one shooter, me. He has never lost a bird, is well disciplined to the point of sitting with the bird on every retrieve and busting for the next flush. I think he’s the most incredible dog ever….more than I bargained for!”